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Today’s an interesting day, only because I am awake earlier than usual. I fell asleep late, around 2:00 a.m., and awoke sometime after 8:00 a.m. For not getting that many hours of sleep, I feel awake. Again, unusual for me.

I feel eager to get my day started, to get things done. Last night, I was following tutorials on getting my website–kevinscrimauniverse.com–started. It’s very basic and generic at the moment, but it’s there. I have YouTube videos that need edited it and uploaded. Stories I can write. A bunch of stuff I can do. And that’s good I’m eager today, because I have class and work later, so there isn’t that much time left in the day.

I’m going to be relentless at my dreams and achieving my desires. That’s how I feel today. It feels great. Fun Fact: Did you know that if you go to relentless.com, it takes you to Amazon.com? Go ahead, try it if you don’t believe me. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, was relentless at making his dream fulfilled.

I am a workaholic, when I’m passionate about what I’m doing, which I’m glad to have that work ethic as a piece of mind. Work smarter; not harder. And maybe, work passionately, not smarter? or: Work more passionately and smarter; not harder. I feel like there’s a clever Scrima Quote there somewhere.

Earlier I had seen an article titled “Top Dream Colleges in 2015.” I guess I really never had a “dream college.” I never really looked. I was ignorant, and finances were a problem. Looking back, at the time, I didn’t want to reside on or near campus. Now, I do and feel like I should have. It’s a sad afterthought of what COULD have been. The many different could-have-beens.

But that just makes me want to work harder at my dreams, at becoming successful. Today, a lot of things do, with my past floating behind me (Antagonism is one of my fuels–Past, give me more!), and my having mostly overcome it.

Today is also an interesting day in that I am writing a blog post spontaneously. I can’t remember the last time I wrote spontaneously. It’s nice to get it all done.

Well… off to work on my dreams. I will knock down all my obstacles–and eliminate all needless distractions–if I have to with the final breath in my body to achieve success.