“Woah! That’s a load of questions dude! I don’t wanna reveal too much about myself tho but i’ll try.”

What is your name?

“Samuel Jenkins.”

What is your favorite color?


What is your quest?

“To become famous.”

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

“I don’t know the airspeed velocity of that. woah! gotta check out that one on google.”

Why did you start making Let’s Play videos, and how long have you been doing it?

“Started lets play videos 2 months ago bcos I wanted to share gaming moments with people around the world.”

What keeps you going after making so many Let’s Plays?

“Demands from subscribers to make more videos and its also fun to make ’em.”

What advice would you give Let’s Play video makers who are starting out and trying to rise

through the ranks of YouTube?

“upload HD 1080p quality content and have a lively commentary.”

Have you seen any negative comments or thumbs down on your videos, and if so, what keeps

you going when you see negative comments and how do you view them? In other words, how do

you handle criticism?

“just ignore all the hate. listen to constructive criticism and improve upon that.”

Do you or have you watched other Let’s Play videos, and how have they influenced your own

Let’s Play videos?

“Yeah. learning from other people’s style of lets playing teaches ya how to improve on yours”

From the time you first started making Let’s Play videos and up ‘til now, how long would you

say it took you to become “good” or an expert at making Let’s Play videos? And what is it that

you think makes you “good” or an expert at it?

“it took me about a month and a half to master awesome lets playing. I think editing makes me expert at lets playing. it makes things better for me.”

What kind of personality do you have for your videos? Do you recommend that people be

themselves, or also try to be energetic while being themselves? Do you swear or recommend

swearing for Let’s Plays?

“My personality for lets plays? I am just myself seriously. swearing isn’t intentional sometimes. Sometimes its just spontaneous especially when playing horror games. ofcourse u have to be energetic otherwise u will lose your audience attention.”

Do you have any one special technique while you are making your videos (facial expressions,

jokes, etc)?

“special technique? well my intro is “Hello and Hi Ladies, My name is Jenkins” I sometimes crack a few jokes here and there but most of all, my way of editing all the footage makes the whole “technique” of lets playing.”

On a scale of one to ten, how important is the editing process, and how long does it take on


“editing is important 8/10. I can take about 30 minutes to record(depends on the game really) on average and about 30 more minutes to edit. so in all lets playing takes like an hour of my 24 hours.”

How much do you depend on a certain edit in your video to create a comical effect?

“yeah some editing cuts give some kinda comical effect really. like when I say something funny but really isn’t funny, I cut that ending and put a “no tv signal” interplaced before the next clip. u can see this on my channel(lets play vanish part 2).”

What was the favorite game you played for your Let’s Play video series, and why?

“I think happy wheels is my fav bcos its dynamic.”

What are the easiest and hardest parts of making Let’s Play videos? What is the most fun and

boring parts?

“easiest part is when u don’t have to edit tooo much becos its mainly story but the hardest part is the exact opposite. what makes  a lets play boring is an unlively commentary.”

How many videos have you made?

“I got 50 videos on my channel.”

How do you breakthrough; meaning, how do you increase your views and subscribers against
that invisible wall that seems to be stopping a Let’s Player? What are the most effective methods, in your opinion, that earned you subscribers? For instance, if someone receives a lot of video views, but doesn’t get subscribers as a result of that, why didn’t they subscribe or what does the person need to do to convince them to subscribe?

“u gotta be funny and be creative: create new unique content. everyone is doing a harlem shake video so thers probably a million of em on utube but what makes urs so specially unique from the rest and that’s what brings in more subs.”

Do you make other kinds of videos as well, and if so, what kind and why?

“I also do comedy skits and sketches cos I myself have got a sense of humor.”

At what subscriber count did your subscriber rate start to increase faster and dramatically?

“36 subs.”

What games did you do for Let’s Plays, and why those games? What are the best games to play
for Let’s Plays videos?

“I told you: dynamic games work fine. not monotonous games. something happy wheels is ever changing. something like call od duty multiplayer is easy to have awesome commentary with. I did happy wheels, bully, vanish, cold fusion, fifa, etc. I did those games becos I had em.”

What, in your opinion, are the most effective titles, tags, and thumbnails?

“u know this answr already don’t u. use photoshop for ya thumbnails.do sick titles with the name of the game first then what happened in the game(just the way I title mine). ur tags should be related to the video. say ur doing cod multiplayer gameplsy, don’t tag it nicki minaj anaconda butt shake lol. it wont ever get seen dude.”

What kinds of gear and software do you use for your Let’s Plays (headset, microphone, capture
card, computer, recording and editing software, etc)?

“headset yes and my computer with an legato hd capture card u can get off ebay. I use videopad for now.”

Anything else you think is important to add, any “secrets” or techniques?

“thers nothing else. that’s all my techniques that can help ya man! basically have hd gameplay with good commentary.”

Lastly, what is one random, cool thing you’d tell me about you and your life?

“cool about my life? I don’t know….I am a skateboarder,basketballer,  Im like king of all goalkeepers,i do drums, video games, I speak 4 different languages, im funny & smart I really don’t know what to put here…anyways my fingers are hurting me dude I’ll see ya soon.”