Why did you start making Let’s Play videos?

What keeps you going after making so many Let’s Play videos?

What advice would you give Let’s Play video makers who are starting out and trying to rise through the ranks of YouTube?

What keeps you going when you see negative comments, is it knowing that you are making a positive difference to your audience?

Was there ever one negative comment that ever really stuck to you, why, and how did you overcome it? What advice would you give to others on seeing negative comments on their videos and on how to deal with them (because let’s face it, every YouTuber probably faced plenty of negative comments at one point in time)? And do you receive fewer negative comments and spam now that you turned off the comments?

Do you or have you watched other Let’s Play videos, and how have they influenced your own Let’s Play videos?

From the time you first started making Let’s Play videos and up ‘til now, how long would you say it took you to become “good” or an expert at making Let’s Play videos?

Do you have any one special technique while you are making your videos (facial expressions, jokes, etc)?

On a scale of one to ten, how important is the editing process, and how long does it take on average?

How much do you depend on a certain edit in your video to create a comical effect?

What was the favorite game you played for your Let’s Play video series, and why?

Could you ever imagine doing anything else besides making Let’s Play videos (making YouTube videos is pretty fun, so I understand if there’s not much else—the working world can be boring!)?

Did you branch off into other kinds of videos or channels after making Let’s Play videos, and if so, what kind were/are they?

Lastly, what is one random, cool thing you’d tell me about you and your life?